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Blinding Diamonds


International standards for diamond detection and the 4C determine the quality and value of a diamond: The elements that make up the 4C are as follows; Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Let HRD Antwerp experts analyze your diamonds so you know exactly which diamonds you are buying.

Every diamond is different and special. Each diamond has its own characteristics. For this reason, after many years of work, international standards have been established that determine the features that distinguish diamonds from each other. The quality and value of diamonds is determined by the 4 C, Carat, colour, clarity and cut values. At HRD Antwerp, we have a team of experts who are experts in identifying these characteristics. Our Diamond Grading Certificates evaluate bare stones as 4 C according to the above-mentioned characteristics and assure everyone who serves and receives service in this sector.

Fine Ring Appraisal


Although the cut of a diamond requires knowledge, experience and mastery, it is the most important factor that determines its appeal. The creation of the right cut ratios maximizes the optical performance by ensuring that the diamond reflects the light in the best way.

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